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Please respect your neighbor’s signs

Letter to the Editor

One of the oldest, tried and true, forms of political support is still the political yard sign --from our friends and neighbors running for local offices to state candidates to the highest profile political party nominees running for president. We see the signs in yards and throughout our communities.

I take this form of political backing and allegiance very serious and was surprised when 20-plus of my signs along with a very large and expensive banner were taken over the last week.

There is a reason that removing political signs is against the law, it is theft - not just of the signs, but also of my freedom of speech. If you disagree with me, then exercise your democratic right to vote against me at the ballot box. Democracy is seriously undermined when people take it upon themselves to suggest through their actions that I do not have the right to promote my campaign. Let us at least be respectful at the local level and leave those signs in the ground. Send your message at the polls, not through simple theft.

I am happy to talk with anyone about why I am running for state representative. All I ask is that we simply respect private property and political differences, for all levels and for all candidates. Instead of stealing signs, let us start a conversation. For starters go to my website at We might be surprised by what we can learn from one another.

Steve Negron

Committee to Elect Steve Negron
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